Korean / German, was born and raised in Germany. Being a pianist from the age of 6, and playing the cello from the age of 13, he attended an elite music boarding school near Frankfurt, studying classical music and music theory down
to its deepest roots, also attending master classes in Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition to concerts in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, he also won several awards for his performances.

SOLAII lived in various countries, such as Germany, England and Korea. His passion for electronic music was sparked by early visits to Germany’s legendary festivals such as “Love Parade” and “Winterworld”, and his later discovery of the world-renowned Berlin club scene.

This combination of his deep background in classical music and passion for electronic music gives him a very unique perspective on musical trends and developments, allowing him a fresh approach to electronic music.

Since 2009 he has also been modeling in Korea for high profile clients and starred in music videos of Korean idol groups such as “9 Muses” and “Jaoorim”. He regularly appears on TV as The main cast of “MBC Hello Stranger” and also had guest appearances in programs such as “SBS Running Man” and “KBS GAG CONCERT”. He also appeared in the music video of “BITCHES BE LIKE” By DIRTY DUTCH LEGEND DJ CHUCKIE.

Having played alongside artists such as Dash Berlin, aFROJACK, OTTO KNOWS, ARTY, Cosmic Gate, Fedde Le Grand, Mark Knight, Rank 1, Gary Caos, John Dahlbäck and Christian Smith, to name just a few, SOLAII continues to expand and build on his success in electronic music.

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